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Welcome to our partnership program

If you have a personal experience with Somavedic products, run your own therapeutic center, or have a big fan base that would benefit from the effects of the Somavedic devices, and you would like to earn some extra money, just join our Affiliate partnership program.

We have 99,9 % satisfied Somavedic owners and over 15 000 sold pieces.
Almost no one returned Somavedic because of dissatisfaction. Somavedic was designed after several years of research and trials. It´s been tested and verified not only by natural sciences experts but also by operators of diagnostic-therapeutic centers

How does the affiliate program work?
It is really easy and simple. We have all the tools you need to be successful ready for you. After registering as our affiliate partner, you will receive your own unique URL - all you have to do then, is just share this URL with your customers or audience.
Just place it in your eshop, share it on Facebook or Youtube, or send it out in your emails. Our system will track your unique URL and will automatically show you all the sales and your commissions from it.

There are absolutely no fees or orders in advance necessary. .

There are just two simple steps to join our affiliate program:

1. You will be asked to register - to create an free account
2. Then you can register as our Affiliate partner

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate partnership program before you decide to register, don't hesitate to let us know at english.info@somavedic.cz